500m Row Challenge

We have a new friend in the gym… a Life Fitness Rowing machine! What better way to welcome this great new health and fitness machine to the club than create a challenge! It’s time to test your strength, power and endurance.


The challenge will run from July 25th to August 21st.

Each week you can record one official time. The winner will be the person who has the fastest combined times for the 4 week period of the challenge.

Before starting, our staff will show you how to use the rowing machine correctly and give you some training tips help you improve your times.

Proper Technique on a Rowing Machine:

The rowing stroke is composed of 4 parts

  1. The Catch Position
  2. The Drive Movement
  3. The Finish Position
  4. The Recovery Movement

Part 1 – The Catch Position:

  • Hold the handle keeping wrists flat
  • Extend the elbows so the arms are straight forward
  • Lean upper body slightly forward
  • Keep back straight but not stiff
  • Slide the seat forward until shins are vertical (or as close to this as your flexibility will allow)

Part 2 – The Drive Movement:

  • First, push with the legs
  • Keep arms straight and hold back firm to transfer leg power and pull the handle
  • Second, pull with the arms gradually once the legs have created the power for the movement
  • Third, extend the back slightly to complete the full extension of the drive movement

Part 3 – The Finish Position:

  • Pull handle all the way into the abdomen
  • Straighten legs
  • Lean upper body back slightly

Part 4 – The Recovery Position:

  • Extend arms fully
  • Keeping back straight lean the upper body forward from the hips
  • Pull the body forward by bending the knees until the shins are vertical
  • Now take the next stroke