Sauna and Steam Room Regulation Reminder

Sauna and Steam Room Regulation Reminder
Dear Valued Members,
Good day!
This letter is to remind all our members once again about our “Sauna & Steam Room Regulation” which states not to use any oils, creams or other beauty products inside the steam room or sauna. The reasons for this is that using these beauty products in these areas seem to attract a variety of insects which makes it very difficult for us to keep our facility as hygienic as we would like and, furthermore, many of these products make the flooring slippery creating a potential dangerous situation where other members could possibly slip and fall.
Although we have already installed a sign on the wall next to the sauna’s door, placed this information in our “general information sheet” and Star Fitness website and sent reminder emails to our members to remind everyone of this rule, we are still receiving complaints that a few members are still using these products inside these facilities. Consequently, please be advised that from this point on, any members found violating this rule risk losing their memberships at Star Fitness with a non-refundable entry fees and membership dues.
Thank you in advance for your consideration towards the other members and for your full cooperation.
The Management and Staff