Congratulation to Ms. Andrea Kopecka

During the past 4 months I have lost 10.7kgs, of which I lost 11.9kgs of pure fat and put on 1.2kg of muscle. I lost 13.4cm off my waistline and a total of 11.7% body fat. I am really happy for this result, especially as I had 5 weeks holiday in Europe in the middle of this time, as you can see in my weight chart.

I wanted to make a change before my birthday. I saw Project Fat Fighter advertised and thought it was the perfect opportunity and programme to get me in shape. I thought that if I could achieve my goal weight by my birthday it would be the best birthday gift ever! But now, I still want to continue.

Phil’s Fat Fighter Project was very interesting… I changed both my diet and exercise routines. We started with a detox, and then moved to a plan that maximised my metabolism and balanced my fat loss hormones. It focused on correct meal times, portion sizes – not calorie counting – and the best types of foods to help me burn fat – meat, eggs, nuts and vegetables (it is not that boring!). For the past 3 weeks I tried Intermittent Fasting – Phil tells me this was to make me fat adapted. It was difficult… but it really worked and it taught me a lot about my body.

I have been on several diets before, so I was worried how tough it would be and if I would be struggling. It wasn’t tough at all, I wasn’t suffering, I wasn’t hungry (too much ) but most surprisingly I wasn’t craving for any food (for example: bread – come on, I am Czech, I was raised on bread, I cannot live without it! But now I see I can…)

I decided to take personal training with Phil also to make sure my exercise was as effective as possible. I would train with Phil only once or twice a week. On top of that I have my cardio mornings with either 20 mins HIIT or one-hour walk. The trainings are tough, I think I even cried once or twice… Ok, maybe not cried, but definitely close to tears. But the feeling after the training is great. I have trained alone or in a group before, but I never pushed myself to do the weights, number of repetition and speed Phil pushes me to. He makes sure all the exercises are performed with good technique as well. That’s why having a personal trainer was really important for me.

Now I will focus on further changing the body composition by increasing the lean body mass and further decreasing fat… and, yes Phil, still improve my body posture! If you want to change, start working on it now, don’t wait until tomorrow. We have busy lives, timing will never be perfect you just have to get on with it. Get a personal trainer! Commit yourself to it. It really works! I must say that all staff at Star Fitness are great and it is always a pleasure to come to gym. But it wouldn’t be without Phil Kelly who supported me through this change.

I want to thank Phil for giving me the best birthday gift ever! My change! And for his great support throughout this time. It is not over yet, we will continue! I also want to thank Ben Dell for getting me started with fitness in Saigon by having me in his morning bootcamp group. Lastly, I have to thank Robin for his encouraging words of support every morning: “Coming to gym lazy ass?”