Here at Star Fitness we aim to be more than just a place with equipment, great changing rooms, sauna and steam room, swimming pool, excellent classes and sports clubs. Our purpose is to create a place and service that makes our members feel welcome, supported, safe and receive excellent instruction.

We are invested in seeing you achieve your health, fat loss and fitness goals and we want to have fun with you while you achieve these goals. It is always great to hear member’s stories that say we are achieving this purpose. The Star of Quarter 3, Ms Dao Thu Phuong explains how Star Fitness has become her second home…HERE IS HER STORY….

“I have been a member of Star Fitness since 2007. I first came here to search for a place to exercise especially on rainy days where I couldn’t play tennis. Furthermore, I had a serious lower back problem but didn’t know what was the real cause was from and I believe my immune system was in bad condition as I frequently got sick with colds or some common flus.

I was completely lost on those first few days in the gym because of my lack of fitness knowledge. Star Fitness introduced me to their group exercise classes, as they said the teachers could instruct me on the proper the movements and provide me more information of exercise in general. So, I gave some Yoga and Core Conditioning classes a try, which has completely changed my whole life. I found the Core Conditioning class really helped me a great deal with my lower back problems but I love the Yoga classes more than ever. I started with some basic Hatha Yoga for beginners, learning how to breathe properly and practicing the asanas. After a few months of practicing, I then tried to switch to intermediate Yoga classes, which I felt pretty good about and now these classes are just part of my daily routine. Except for the times when I’m on business trips, I always find time to be at Star Fitness about 6 times a week where I practice Yoga 4 times a week and swim at least twice a week. After getting into a good routine, I soon realized I was not experiencing bouts of sickness anymore and my lower back was getting better and stronger day by day. At the moment my back is 100% pain free.

 The important thing for me is Star Fitness has influenced me with the right view of fitness. They have taught me that the aim of working out doesn’t need to become super lean and shredded but rather wellness is the final destination. They showed me that it is more important to pay attention to the body alignment rather than just how much sweat I lose during a workout. As a result, my body posture has been improved and I feel my body shape is healthy.

Another plus point for Star Fitness is their private atmosphere and gorgeous outdoor swimming pool. I love their quiet, clean and spacious locker room. I am amazed by how Steve, Star Fitness managing director, maintains facilities at the highest quality. Despite its old age, Star Fitness always keeps the luxurious image with neatly ordered and maintained equipment.

I love the feeling coming to Star Fitness; it’s like my second home. I have been working out here for 11 years, which is not a small number. The Star Fitness staff are now like my friends and/or my kids. We always have nice conversations and the bond between us is getting stronger as time goes by. Star Fitness is not anymore the place I look for just on rainy days, but it’s where I long to be, to cheer up and to stay calm”.

Along with the great benefit Ms. Thu Phuong has already gained from her hard work, she’s also being rewarded by receiving some special prizes: ONE FREE MONTH MEMBERSHIP + ONE FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION + SPA PACKAGE @ THE SPA MANOR 1