Van Minh Tuan

Van Minh Tuan
Body Building 87%
Strength Training 75%
Weight Loss Management 70%
Flexibility 67%
Female Fitness Training 40%
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Tuan has been working for more than 7 years in the fitness industry and is fluent in both English and Vietnamese. He enjoys setting up specialized fitness programs for members based on their health, fitness needs and goals.
Depending on the client’s needs, he can set up a variety of programs to help members firm up, slim down, develop muscular strength, improve cardiovascular fitness, increase flexibility, power, speed and balance.

He also teaches “Step” Aerobics, Body Toning and Yoga and often incorporates these group classes into his personalized training programs. Sessions with Tuan are 315,000 VND (half hour), 600,000 VND (one hour) or 6,240,000 VND (12 one hour sessions).

Facts about Van Minh Tuan -
Total PT Sessions Since 2016
Total Number of Classes Taught Since 2016