Our certified trainers guide you through specialized programs. They motivate you and make sure that you adhere to your fitness goals. Book your Personal Trainer now!

Personal Training is now available at Star Fitness.  Getting to the gym is a good first step. Personal Training can benefit you by:
  1. Getting expert guidance on form and technique.
  2. Receiving the motivation you need to push yourself to the next level.
  3. Measuring and document your progress.
  4. Creating specific routines geared towards maximizing gains.
  5. Discussing your dietary and nutritional needs, a major key to any weight loss program

Try out a Star Fitness personal trainer today! Read about our personal trainers backgrounds by clicking their name.

  • Nguyen Van Khanh

    Degree from Sports Education University HCMC (Graduated in 2014); METAFIT CERTIFICATE (Since September 2016)
    Khanh graduated from the HCM University of Education with a degree in Sports and he has been in the fitness industry for over 2 years. His...
  • Ho Huu Danh

    Degree from Sports Education University HCMC (Graduated in 2010), MetaFit Certificate (Since September 2016)
    Huu Danh has been working in the fitness industry for 6 years. He currently holds a degree in Sports from the HCMC University of Education...
  • Nguyen Huy Danh

    MetaFit Certified (Since September 2016)
    Danh has been in the fitness industry for over 7 years. His passions are teaching Step Aerobics and Ashtanga Yoga. Danh is fluent in both English...
  • Duong The Dung

    Degree from HCMC Sport University – Yoga Academy (Graduated in 1992), MetaFit Certificate (Since September 2016)
    Dung has been in the fitness industry for 24 years. His passions are in swimming where he has competed and has taught for 23 years as well...
  • Dang Do Ngoc Diep

    Diep has 10 years in the fitness industry with a primary passion teaching step aerobic group exercises.  Her personal training sessions combine...
  • Nguyen Duc Cu

    Certification of Personal Fitness Trainer & Fitness National of VN Fitness & Weightlifting Federation.
    Cư has 8 years in the fitness industry Personal Trainer and teaching group exercise classes such as Fitness & Yoga. His passions are setting...
  • Dang Do Quyen

    Quyen believes training is also about developing personal relationships and connection with self and others. Her holistic style says that...
  • Phil Kelley

    Certified Advanced Instructor (REPs)
      Phil is a fitness and wellness expert specializing in fat loss and body transformation. He has a proven track record of changing people’s...
  • Paul Simos

    Have you ever wondered why it can be challenging to improve and change (create permanent change) your life in the areas of health and fitness,...
  • Anand K

    Anand has over 8 years working in the fitness industry teaching dance and yoga.  He enjoys working with people of all ages in both private...